A joint Approach to sustainable return

The European Reintegration Network (ERIN) program supports returnees from different European countries and Australia. The services are provided to returnees who no longer have the legal basis on which to remain in the host ERIN country and who wish to return to Central and South Iraq.




“European Technology and Training Centre”, ETTC, is providing reintegration services and facilities in Iraq for the Iraqi returnees from different European countries. One of the reintegration programs the ETTC facilities is the ERIN program (European Reintegration Network program) co-funded by the European Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund.The involved host countries are listed below.This program is being implemented through the coordination of the ERIN Program Management Unit in the Netherlands. 



The European Technology and Training Centre was founded in 2009 in Iraq as a developing foundation to provide different projects. The ETTC provides capacity building, Reintegration and Humanitarian activities in Iraq. The projects are designed after detailed and professional assessments arranged by the experts in these fields with support by European organizations.

ETTC has a solid experience in the fields of return and reintegration and runs several reintegration projects with different European countries. The overall mission of ETTC reintegration projects is “a sustainable reintegration” by offering long-term assistance and reintegration of returnees into the local society and job market, to motivate and develop their future in the country of return and to prevent them from considering of re-migrating to the European countries.


Geographical coverage

Reintegration services will be provided in the following areas of Central and Southern Iraq: 









Thi Qar









ETTC reintegration services

Airport Pick-up

ETTC provides airport pick-up services for the returnees through the different International Airports in Iraq. And this service is provided according to the project demands. The returnee shall get the feeling that he is welcomed at airport and will be provided with information, handout brochures and ETTC contact.

airport pickup

Counselling and Registration

The most important service provided by the ETTC is the counselling service, which through, the counsellors try to comprehend the returnees and give the trust to think about a sustainable return. The information provided during this session will include: Meeting with returnee, brief introduction about ETTC, and obtain some background information about the client, then try to explore the options / wishes of the client and explain the program offer and etc. After the first counselling and convincing returnees to participate in Reintegration Services, project team will register the returnees names and get their unique registration number then arrangements for further counselling, meetings and skills assessments will be confirmed.

counselling 2


Assisting returnee in finding and/or accessing adequate housing. And providing accommodation for some of the cases who don’t have accommodations when they return.


Business Start-up

Supporting the returnees’ ideas, and developing his/her business idea through training course and market research. Some returnees prefer to start-up their own businesses therefore ETTC helps them to implement the business ideas through business training courses and purchasing equipment for the returnees and other business start-up tips and advices like Market research, Marketing Concept, Financing and Managerial administration.


Job placement

Providing returnees with information about job opportunities/chances on the labor market and discuss in detail how to apply for the job and find jobs. Some of the returnees already have skills and previous experience in some fields therefore; they prefer to start working immediately.

JOB Placement 1

Education and Schooling

Assisting returnees in finding appropriate schools for the children and if needed for adults. Family returnees face difficulties in finding proper schools for their children therefore, the ETTC will guide them for making better choices for their children's schooling issues.


Vocational Training

Supporting the returnees to participate in the training courses offered by the ETTC to assist returnees in country of return and to increase their professional and technical skills, qualifications and competences. The ETTC has an independent vocational centre to train returnees and other target groups.

Vocational 2

Social Reintegration

Providing information on where and how to access the public or private health facilities, including mental health care centres. The ETTC provides social support services for those returnees who have social or personal problems with their families or relatives.

Social Reintegration 1

Family tracing

Providing family tracing service for UAM, the ETTC has good connection with the ministry of social works of Central Government which through it the ETTC can provide such service for the returnees with this requirement.

family tracing


This service is optional according to the host ERIN country.

The final step of the services provided for returnees will be the follow-up and monitoring process through different visits to the returnees at their working places or homes. The monitoring process will be implemented through three phases:

Phase One (pre-monitoring): this process will be done before processing the returnees support packages in order to have a clear view on the cases situation then the process will start.

Phase Two (mid-term monitoring): this process will come after the decision on the returnees support package implementation and it might include more than one visit to the returnees’ location.

Phase Three (final monitoring): this process usually comes at the case conclusion and a final report will be prepared in order to close the case.


Contact Addresses

Hajjaj Mustafa Hussein: ETTC Main Office      Chnar Mustafa: ETTC Main Office
Available from Sunday to Thursday from         Email address:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
08:30 am to 05:30 pm local time                      Contact Number: 00964 750 457 24 85
Contact Number:00964 750 423 57 67                SPOC of Baghdad No.:00964 7703567298                              
Email address:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.                      SPOC of Basra       No.:00964 7735933865
Skype address: hajaj.mustafa                          SPOC of South       No.:00964 7502543368





Australia Department of Immigration and Border Protection
Austria Ministry of Interior
Belgium Federal Immigration Office and Federal Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers
Denmark Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Finland Finnish Immigration Service
France French Immigration and Integration Office
Germany Federal Office for Migration and Refugees
Greece Ministry of Public Order and Citizen Protection
Italy Ministry of Interior
Luxembourg Ministry of European and Foreign Affairs
Malta Ministry of Home Affairs and National Security
Netherlands Repatriation and Departure Service
Norway Norwegian Directorate of Immigration
Romania General Inspectorate for Immigration
Spain Integration of Immigrants Migration Board
Sweden Swedish Migration Agency
Switzerland State Secretariat for Migration
United Kingdom Home Office-Immigration Enforcement